Tuesday, January 30th, 2007...4:13 am

Did This Really Happen?

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I came across this John Navarre highlight reel on youtube and was in awe. I have a bunch of very distinct memories of Navarre. You see, Navarre was my quarterback for almost three whole years of college. Any Michigan alum could tell you who there quarterback was while they were in school. It is kind of like recalling your prom date. I must admit that some of my friends might try and dupe you by calling Tom Brady their quarterback but the truth is Brady was nobody’s quarterback. The lineage was Griese-Henson-Navarre with Brady somehow sneaking in there for a few seasons while everybody was still celebrating the 98 Championship and Henson…actually, don’t even get me started on that loser.

Anyway back to Navarre, I remember the countless times he took a deep drop, gazed directly into Chris Perry’s eye as he leaked out into the flat, and with a neck stiffer than Mona Lisa and a throwing motion slower than a Monday morning, Navarre proceeded to throw it as hard as he could directly at that Perry’s feet. I remember when I helped instigate a thumb wrestle between Navarre and my friend Jon at the bar with Jon using an array of dopey sneak attacks, tag teams and two-hand grabs to repeatedly defeat Navarre. I remember Navarre’s whimsical look and matted crop top as they showed him on the sideline after another forced interception.

I do not remember Navarre doing any of the stuff in this highlight clip. Yes, it actually happened but it somehow is too weird or strange to fathom that if it is true (like Dicaprio in Growing Pains). Anyway, watch the clips and enjoy.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michigan_Wolverines_football#Passing_records Colby

    Navarre is near the top of the leaders in every major Michigan passing category yet the only record I remember him holding was “most passes smacking into the offensive lineman’s helmet”

  • Rob

    Great to see Braylon Edwards #80. For some reason, being at school when he wore that # as opposed to #1 makes me feel like a more legitimate fan…. kind of like going to Dave Matthews concerts in 9th grade, or watching the series premiere of Lost in ’04.