Wednesday, February 7th, 2007...1:05 am

Can I get some F’ing Matzah with that

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I got a nice chuckle out of this youtube video today. It was sent to me by a few friends (who aren’t associated) and definitely exhibits the viral powers that marketers drool over.

AePi was the fraternity I pledged my freshman year at Michigan (the chapter was kicked off campus before my class was initiated). Weiner Circle is a classic late night greasy food stand in Chicago that is infamous for its foul-mouthed and large-bottomed waitresses.

  • marc rosen

    No better way to introduce your blog to the world then a 1:26 am mission statement. Jerry Maguire? Who’s coming with you?

    Or – or for my money, its that moment of insanity when the deep frier is churning and bubbling and the laughter cackling, and out of the chorus of this madness comes the jovial, familar tune of an ancient Hebrew hyrmn. Yes, sometimes the secrets of life are served deep fried with a side of marinara. Dayenu motherfucker! That would have been enough….

    Yo bro it’s me marc. good luck with the blog dude – i think this whole internet fad might really take off

  • jon miller

    Weiner Circle? Wasn’t it the famous AEPi weiner circle that got the fraternity kicked off campus in the first place? How do you say bukkake in Hebrew?

    You donkey-punching mother fuckers.

    Can I request a Durant/Oden debate from L-Hoops? You got to love Durant, but Oden is clearly the youngest grandpa in NCAA history. He looks like the scary old guy from Home Alone, but Black.

    Let’s see if this image tag crap works:

  • Litty

    Great comments by both you guys.
    I’m a Durant guy although that will definitely make an amazing post. I love the old school littyhoops shoutouts. If I only stayed with Littyhoops it would be more popular than myspace by now.

  • jon miller