Monday, February 19th, 2007...2:47 am

Reading is FUN

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After going through a bunch of lame books I’m now on a hot streak. I recently read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. I loved it. It’s a book that is written for my generation. It also happens to be a pretty glamorous movie, but the flick is nothing compared to the novel. You can get my full thoughts at LittyBooks. Yup, I got another blog where I write about every book that I read. Check it out if you are one of the few remaining souls who also like to read for leisure.

One day (hopefully soon) I plan to start a real life book club. It would be awesome to get together with a group of friends and sit around and talk books for a few hours. I could make a quiche and borrow a macchiato machine. So highbrow!

In all seriousness, it would be different and interesting and a great way to relax and enjoy good company. It’s been somewhat of a dream of mine since college. For whatever reason, I have yet to muster up the motivation/courage/commitment to get it off the ground. I have a bunch of friends who all say they would love to be a part of a littyhoops led book club and I’ve even talked to a few book club leaders to learn the basics on how to setup a good group.

Drop me a comment if you are interested or have any ideas on how I should get this going. I’m bumping this up to “high priority” on my list of shit to do in life.

  • Sweet P

    I am definitely not the accomplished reader that Hoops is and I often find it hard to make the time to read (which is sad considering I have all the time in the world). Though, whenever I get in that groove of reading on a regular basis I experience a tangible feeling, like a have finally turned on my sleeping brain. I think a book club would be great (no homo). It would force me to read, which is something I need, and it would be an excuse to get together and shoot the shit about something a little more meaningful than who got ass last weekend.

  • marc rosen

    Reading IS fun, and from what something in my pop culture subscious tells me, “fundamental.” (Side note – anyone know where this comes from – “Reading is fundamental” – some movie in the mid 90′s perhaps? I can’t remember).

    Music is also fun. Since there isn’t yet a littyhoops music blog, i’d like to throw out a little music suggestion for everyone. My eyes are feasting on this page as my ears are being blessed with some hotness – for all the reggae fans out there looking for something new, check out Bedouin Soundclash – they have a full length album from 2005 with a solid lead single “When the Night Feels My Song” that got indie and UK radio play, and they ahve a new 3 track ep available on itunes. Check it – waguan, everyting irie!

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