Thursday, February 22nd, 2007...1:30 am


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I do not want to get a haircut in 2007. I think about this very often. On a slow day I probably think about not cutting my hair at least 10 times. I realize this is stupid and wish I would think about world peace or self-enlightenment or get-rich-quick schemes instead.

I don’t have a good reason why I don’t want to cut my hair. I wish there was. It would make me feel a bit better about thinking about it so much. My sister once grew her hair extra long to donate it to Locks for Love. That made sense. It would be cool if I was growing it out as a fundraiser, for charity or even as a superstition. But I’m not. My boy Eric is always real concerned how his hair looks before he goes out. I guess he wants to look slick. To be honest, I don’t really care how it looks most of the time. My little sister always asks me why I make myself look ugly. I tell her its natural!

I’m going to blame the fascination on the modern day Christian calendar. I shaved my head the last week of December before I went to Mexico for vacation. This makes it really easy to track how long since my last buzz. I’m not sure what it will look like if left alone for a full year but willing to find out.

The main challenge is going to be over the summer. I’ll probably have the urge to shave it again around May or June. If I can get past that hurdle, I can probably coast through the fall with a real nice mop top. I also am going to miss my barber Borris. I’ve used him since I was thirteen and have followed him to three different locations. I hope he doesn’t think I’ve found a new haircutter.

Here are some of the my other bizarre hairstyles over the years.

Bleached Hair
April 2000.
Last week of Freshman Year. Don’t think I had a brain at the time. My friend Josh told me we should do this and I shrugged my shoulders and said “fine” just as I would if he wanted to change the channel from ESPN to ESPN2.
July 2002.
My buddy Anand was shaving my head one night at UCLA while a bunch of campers were watching. They begged me to go for a mohawk. I shrugged my shoulders and said “fine” just as I would if they asked me if they could go to the bathroom past curfew.
Curly Hair
December 2006.
Too lazy to shrug my shoulders and say “fine”.