Thursday, May 10th, 2007...1:25 am

Bachelor Party Heaven

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Until last week I didn’t really get the whole bachelor party thing. I failed to grasp it from the “purely idealistic thinker” angle that greatly contributes to my overall weirdness. It seemed like the ritual was a pre-marital crisis for the bachelor as he sewed his wild oats. Meanwhile, his friends do their best to be irresponsible, act stupid, and escape from their significant others. Well, I was wrong. Yes, the debauchery and chaos that ensues at most bachelor parties are second to none. But there are also some other factors at work.

Last weekend I attended my best friend Jeff’s bachelor party with some of my other best friends in the entire world. It was in Vegas. I overdosed on fun. It was a perfect time.

As I grow older, work harder, and my life becomes more serious it is more difficult to take a break from the normal world, live for the moment and truly and thoroughly enjoy myself. For a few days last week this is exactly what happened. Wherever I turned, I was in the company of my favorite people. Wherever I went, there was an awesome activity waiting. Everything seemed to slow down in my head and moments seemed so very special as they were occurring. This happened over and over throughout the entire weekend. As Jeff wrote in his email, when I thought back to the weekend “one million amazing things ran through my head”. It was like the time I hit my only home fun in high school in my last career at bat happening over and over and over again.

Jeff and Litty

I stayed for the Rehab party at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday afternoon and took the red eye home. The plane came in late and there was traffic so I had about twenty minutes to change and shower before I took the train to work. I was so exhausted that I passed out and didn’t wake up when we reached Penn Station. A CCLIRR (concerned citizen of the Long Island Rail Road) shook me until I woke up and made sure that the conductor knew not to take the train back to the yard until I got off. I’ve worked 12 hour days this week, have yet to unpack, and I’m not completely sure I will ever recover from the weekend. I continuously check my elbow thinking that it is bleeding (from a pre-meditated fall on the dance floor) and I’m pretty sure my body is telling me there is something wrong with my tonsils even though I had them removed when I was five years old. I have to fly down to Durham this weekend for my sister’s graduation and just found out I have to go to Minneapolis next week. For some reason it’s 2am right now and I find myself writing this blog post. I guess my point is that I’m still glowing from this past weekend. If I know all this hard work, and the constant beat down of NYC daily life will allow me to appreciate things like last week that much more, well, I’m cool with that.

So here’s to all the great moments in life. The memories of those that have already occurred and the excitement for those that are yet to come. I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Here is a slice of heaven from the trip. It is a dance off between two of my friends. It was pretty wild (although not this wild). Even though I prefer the memory in my head, it’s pretty amazing that it was captured on video.

  • Colby

    Mooooooom, MEATLOAF!

  • Litty

    By the way, Gaffney went from the random guy in Minnesota to the MVP of the weekend with a few well time thursts. Not to mention he totally blew up Eric as the dancing champ and the fact that Eric used to brag about how he was the man at Bar Mitzvah totally went to shit as well.

    My new kick for Boca V is to create a sport called “math dancing” that alternates between dance routines and algerbra equations. I saw a think on ESPN about Chess Boxing so i think this just might work.