Monday, August 6th, 2007...11:47 pm

Start-Up Work Enviornment

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It’s my job to watch Max the Dog this week as my parents and Lisa are both out of town. My apartment building allows pets and my deck/backyard makes it super easy to take Max out when he need to go. I even decided to bring Max to work instead of keeping him locked up in my apartment all day.

Bringing your dog to work is one of those things that make you realize you work at a start-up and not in corporate America. We have great office space (about 5,000 square feet) on Madison Avenue that takes up the entire 5th floor of a small building. Yet, we are still very much a start-up. Here are some unique experiences that only could only happen at a start-up like [212] Media.

  • I will stroll into the office at 10:15 AM tomorrow morning and I will be one of the first people in the office.
  • It’s 12:30 AM and I just sent out an email to four people. They all replied within 10 minutes. I’ll probably be up doing work for a few more hours.
  • Our internet works 82% of the time. When it doesn’t I bring my laptop next to a window and “borrow” access from somebody else.
  • We have an office wiffle ball team and our last company outing was a ping pong tournament.
  • Everybody in the office is addicted to cheez-its and famous amos cookies and they are somehow always stocked in the pantry.
  • I’m not sure if I have vacation time. If people aren’t in the office they just send an email to everybody in the company a few days before they go away.
  • We have more interns than employees.
  • Every piece of furniture in the office is from Ikea
  • My job titles include Director of Business Development, Director of Marketing, Sales Executive, Copywriter, Customer Service rep, Account Manager and Project Manager.
  • Depending on my meetings schedule for the day I may wear a suit or more likely flip flops and cargo shorts.
  • I’m excited to close our first big deal so I can order a ping pong table for the conference room
  • Our voicemail system was broken for 4 days and nobody said anything
  • If you want to print something you have to go over to the printer and futz around with the scotch tape holding the front door together.
  • I sign my own expense reports.
  • I probably have a few more good examples but can’t think of them right now. Hope, you get the gist. If you ever want to know more about what it is like to work at Sportsvite hit me up and we can chat.

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