Sunday, October 21st, 2007...11:37 pm

Let’s Grub

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My schedule during the week seems to be growing more hectic as I’ve been working late or attending work-related events at night. I’m also off the grid on the weekend – either literally as I often venture out of the city or figuratively as I shut off my phone (and brain) and try to relax.

Let me also point out that I’m not one of those chatty small-talkers who love the phone. In fact I dread talking on the horn. My casual phone voice with friends has me sounding like I just woke up from a twenty year nap. I’m ok on the phone during work but I leave the chipper attitude, enthusiasm and super articulation at the office.

What I am trying to get at is that it has become much more difficult to spend time with friends. As I mentioned in a previous post, I use this blog as one way to keep in touch. But shooting a few notes over email doesn’t make up for some quality face time. Also, this conversation is mostly one way and I’m too interested in what other people think and do to be content with that.

The one time of the day where I can usually use some good old companionship is when I eat. Most of the time I just grab lunch somewhere around my office (27th and Madison). For dinner I either pick something up on my walk home from the subway or I BBQ something up on my deck.

My pledge to myself is that I’ll try and make plans over the next few weeks to have lunch/dinner with friends I haven’t seen recently. I do a pretty good job of throwing out the “hey, let’s get lunch” but do an even better job of flaking out. My plan is to send out a bunch of emails to put some meals on the schedule for the next few weeks. Once it’s in my outlook it’s set in stone.

Use this blog post as an open invitation to dine with L-Hoops. I’ll even pay the first time. If you actually read this blog you are more than entitled to a meal and to fill me in on what’s going on in your unwritten blog (life). So if I haven’t seen you in a few weeks hit me up and I’ll be glad to invite you over for a BBQ or meet you out for lunch. My favorite lunch spots in my hood are Houston’s, CPK, Benvenuto, Bella Napoli Pizza and Noodles 28. I’ll travel just about anywhere for a good dinner meal. The only caveat is that I sometimes eat at weird times. Lunch is usually between 1-3pm and dinner between 830-11pm.

Looking forward to breaking bread with you soon!
(Below is a photo straight from the BBQ to get your appetite wet)