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Elie Seckbach – The Embedded NBA Corrospondent

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YouTube never ceases to amaze me. The other day I came across the reporting of Elie Seckbach, the “embedded NBA correspondent”.

I have no idea how this mench has such great access to NBA players but he does. This blog post interview of Elie helps explain his story. I certainly give him credit for marketing himself and coming up with some pretty entertaining stuff.

In this video Elie gets NBA stars to comment on Hanukkah.

Even Ron Artest loves Hannukah and for those who don’t believe my Mike James story check him out telling Elie about his wife learning the hebrew alphabet in this video. Big Ups Mike!

Elie has over 100 video posted up on Youtube and it seems like he gets basketball players to say and do some pretty wacky stuff. Of course he profiles Jordan Farmer, the only jewish player in the NBA. He exchange Hebrew pleasantries with Shaq and bets Kobe 200 push-ups that he can’t hit a half court shot lefty. After he loses the bet Elie goes double or nothing with Kobe and ends up having to do 400! If you think that’s bad, Elie lost another bet to Kobe on a full court shot for which he promises to walk to Israel!

Here’s a special piece he did on WNBA Liberty player and Great Neck’s own Shay Doran. A little known fact is that my little sister Courtney played in the same backcourt with Shay in middle school, d’ed up against Lindsay Lohan in High School and was science lab partners with Olympic gold medal winner Sarah Hughes!

If you still don’t think Elie is redic, then maybe you need to know that he is even buddies with our old college classmate Josh Moore who plays ball in Iran!

Here is one last highlight reel from Elie. If Stephen Jackson got your back than you have nothing to worry about it.

  • Gershon

    This dude is too funny. I didn’t even know about him. Thanks for the details.