Friday, March 21st, 2008...12:10 am

Twitter Through College Hoops

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I’m traveling to Tampa this weekend for a family sports vacation or something of the sort. On Friday, we’re going to the first round of the NCAA tournament. For those of you who have never experienced an opening day at the tourney it is quite the trip. By the middle of the third game of the day (there are four games) you feel like you’re overdosing on college basketball and not sure if you love it or hate but you know you never want it to end. On Saturday, I’m checking out Legends Field to get my first look at the 2008 Yankees. I used to love to go to spring training as a kid and collect autographs. That’s right I scored a Brien Taylor autograph in his first day in a Yankee uniform. I’m not longer a kid but I’m dying to get a signed Joba ball! Then on Sunday it’s back to Bracketville for two second round games. I was hoping to get in a few rounds of golf to start next week but doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anymore as this thing called work is getting in the way.

For the third of fourth year I’m running da PLAYA POOL SON. It’s a player auction for the tournament where you add all the points your players have throughout the dance. The key is to get high scorers on teams that will go far (most total points). We’ve even created a wiki to update the scores.

On Friday I will be live blogging the day through a hot new service called Twitter. It’s a service that’s all the rage if you’re a tech dork. I’m not going to give the lame explanation or maybe I will – it’s like facebook status updates + IM away messages through your mobile device. You can follow along throughout the day on the Littyhoops Twitter Page or through this widget below. If your ambitious and sign up for twitter you’ll also be able to follow my updates via SMS through your cell phone.

Finally, how great would it have been if Duke lost. Belmont could have been the new Appalachian State!