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What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

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Throughout my quarter life I have often asked myself this question. It’s important to have dreams and lofty goals and I’ve always tried to set my expectations high. As my nanny has often said, “Brian, it’s your America”.

In my youth I wanted to grow up to be a pro baseball player. It wasn’t about the glory or the fame, just the simple fact that I would get to play ball every day of my life. Once I realized my fastball topped out in the low 70′s I figured I would use my noggin and become a finance monkey. But after a few books, a discouraging experience with Ameritrade, and a couple of uneventful internships on Wall Street, I lost most of my interest in the markets.

At times, when I have doubted my career path or second-guessed my future I would fall back on the kind of life I wanted to have. That meant that I had no specific idea of what I wanted to do or be but I knew I wanted to be entrepreneurial, creative, self-employed, innovative, successful, rich, happy, etc.
Recently, and perhaps naturally, some of my experiences have helped clear my vision of my ideal future. Here it is.

When I grow up I want to own a minor league baseball team in a warm-weather climate. I’ll handle all the business deals and marketing, come up with crazy promotions, mentor the young players, develop an amazing website for all our fans in other galaxies, serve Red Hot’s, and will most definitely be the teams #1 fan (but not annoying like Cuban).

My house will be within walking distance to the stadium which is called Sportsvite Field. Sportsvite has enough money to sponsor the team and stadium because it is wildly successful business and a perfect example of an online community that gets to the essence of the digital connectivity. Sportsvite has led to a culture movement that has allowed people around the world to play sports together leading to decreased world obesity levels, new found peace in the Middle East, and a greener planet. Um, back to my house. I just decided it has a roof deck that overlooks the playing field so I get to watch games from a pool float.

When I’m not owning or floating I’m writing. I still blog “YO BRO, IT’S ME LITTY” but I’ve also penned a few novels that are like my best blog posts, but go on and on, kind of like my best blog posts. Everybody who reads my books find them uplifting and inspirational and it makes them feel great about life. My buddies Anand and AK make a few of the books into movies but most people leave the theater and say “the book was so much better”.

I found and married the perfect girl who is much wiser, more beautiful, kinder, more confident and successful than I could ever hope to be. She also makes great Mexican food and BBQ’s. (If you know her tell her I’ll be ready for her in a few years) We have lots of children who are all wise and mature and soap up everything I teach them and teach me even more than I ever thought I could learn. They all get along splendidly with each other and their peers and fill me with fatherly pride and joy.

I still can’t beat my father in golf as he still amazes himself by getting better every summer even as he gets up there in years. Lisa owns an NHL team after she marries some super rich dude who also treats her like the princess that she is. Courtney is quite simply the happiest person on Planet Earth. My mom gets recognized as the world’s greatest mom.

The Johnnies have revitalized their program through the cash envelopes and hearty donations of a mysteriously anonymous “friend of the program” named Littyhoops. They become the first team to win the NCAA Tournament, NIT Tournament and CBI tournament all in the same season!

I make a few side investments in Ann Arbor and own the house at 701 South Forest, the Brown Jug (the actual jug and the bar), Robert’s laundry mat (in a hostile takeover) and Spring Valley Trout Farm. Regardless, I’m still kind of jealous of my boy Roy who is known as the Vienna Beef king of the Midwest.

Once a year I get the bug and drop everything I am doing to travel the world. I’ve been to every contient, every world wonder (both natural and man-made) and every perfect beach. Regardless, my favorite places continue to be La Jolla Cove, Byron Bay, Negril Beach and my backyard at the family crib on LI. It never gets old or tiring and in fact is the one true activity that keeps me young.

I admit it’s a life in progress, and hopes, dreams and goals change but it’s certainly great to have something to look forward too. While i’m not sure if I’ve ever have had a path in life it does seem like if i keep on doing what I’m doing alot of this can and will happen.

  • http://www.primetimepolitics.com Jordan

    Brian, great post.

    My fantasy life is my single biggest motivator. It’s not all about money, it’s about living the life you want to live. In this country, with success stories all around us, it makes you feel like you can do it too.

    And you can, if you’re willing to take risks.

    As a rock legend once said, “dooon’t stop belieeeevin”