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Spanning The Web

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One of the reasons that I first started to blog was to share all the amazing stuff I encounter on the world wide web. I’ve kind of strayed a bit from that goal in my unintentional quest to be some kind of a little guy’s Mitch Albom (part sports, part life, all happiness). Lately, I’ve run into some clever internet stuff and figured that it would make for a solid post. There is a good chance you’ve seen a lot of this stuff already but hopefully you’ll still enjoy.

Weezer Music Video
The band Weezer released a new music video on YouTube for their song Pork and Beans. The video mashes together famous viral internet videos by spoofing and reenacting scenes from many of these videos within the music video. Check out this insightful interview with the video’s director Matthew Curren in Wired. The music video has been streamed over 4 million times in less than a week.


Social Networking Spoofs
I attempted to do something far less creative and brilliant in my blog post mocking facebook but a few recent online videos really nail it. First check out this video called “Social Networking Wars“. It’s worth at least a few hearty chuckles. The friendster caricature is my favorite.


Another video called “Facebook In Realty” by enacts the absurdity of Facebook activity in the real world. The fact that the dudes have British, er, maybe Scottish accents makes it even funnier.


Kobe Bryant Videos
A few months ago Kobe starred in an online video where he appears to jump over an Aston Martin that is going full speed with perennial cheerleader Ronny Turiaf by his side. The Video was streamed over 3.5 million times as people tried to figure out if it was real. The great trio of Ernie, Chuck and Kenny (TNT studio show) made their own viral parody where Kenny tries to pull a Kobe but gets run over by a car driven by Ernie.

This week Kobe did another videos with the jackasses from Jackass where he dunks over a pool of snakes as the Jackass crew are up to their usually antics.


Sports Business whiz and blogger Darren Rovell gives props to Nike for the promotion for Kobe’s HyperDunks sneaker. While Rovell questions the ultimately effect of this kind of marketing I assume that fans will appreciate the connection they make with Kobe and that will certainly lead to more sneaker sales.

Suge Knight
Big Suge recently got knocked the F— out at an LA nightclub. TMZ has a great blow-by-blow photo gallery. Like most news in Hip Hop, I didn’t know what to make of it until i watched this video by Jay Smooth on his video blogIll Doctrine. All of Jay Smooth’s videos are refreshingly clear, open-minded, concise and informed and if you are at all into hip-hop (or even if you aren’t but want to better understand the culture) you should check it out.


Obama Interview
The Atlantic published an interview with Barack Obama on Zionism and Hamas that was conducted by Jeffrey Goldberg. I must admit I know very little about The Atlantic or Jeffrey Goldberg but did find the article interesting

Pocket Change
Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this ingenious and tasteful (in more ways than one) Pocket Change video on New York’s most expensive nude sushi as I know many of you have been asking me where you can overpay to eat cheap sushi off of female epidermis. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this classy establishment but my associate Chuck O’Leary did relay that he had quite the entertaining and fulfilling evening.

My buddy Jeremy is the outlandish and sometimes disturbing mastermind behind Pocket Change and through his imaginative character, Richard Nouveau, takes you on “a first class cabin journey into the depths of decadence.” Pocket Change has come a long way in the last few years and you only need to google Jeremy Abelson, Pocket Change or Richard Nouveau to check out the goldmine of press and media attention he has received which would make any start-up envious. Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of Jeremy’s video on this here blog because there is no link to embed the file (you’re killing me bro!).

Hope these links kept you entertained. Pleasae add to it with your favorite stuff on the web in the comments section.