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Walking on Rainbows

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I’ve been thinking alot about marketing and how social media is affecting traditional marketing tactics. I don’t want to get too into this idea in this blog post but did want to do my part to organically spread the word for one of my favorite products.



I’m sure there are thousands of different types of beach sandals that are comfortable and get the job done. Slipping on a pair of sandals is in itself a podiatric pleasure. No bending, no laces, nice weather, etc. Everybody loves sandals that they named a beach resort after them.

Eight years ago I discovered Rainbows. They are the perfect leather sandal. Within a matter of weeks of wearing them in, they will mold perfectly to your feet. Rainbows, quite simply, make walking a more enjoyable experience. They’re sturdy enough to be worn wherever you go but light enough to still be great for the beach or pool.

Rainbows are are manufactured in Southern California (San Clemente). I first encountered them when I moved to San Diego but didn’t think much about them at the time, figuring they were just another brand like Adidas or Reef’s. But then my friend Colby swore by them. He even gave me directions on how I could pick up a pair directly from the factory store (which is basically a beach hut) at a discounted price on my way back to San Diego from Los Angeles. I’ve worn Rainbow sandals religiously ever since. My last pair was pretty beat up so my little sis bought me a brand new pair for my birthday last year (which will be my third pair in 8 years).

The company takes a lot of pride in their durability and quality and offer’s a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects. According to the website, the secret is in the specially formulated glue to keep layers together and the straps in place and the densities of sponge rubber with “memory” to mold to each individuals feet. Rainbows also has a fan page on Facebook with over 18,000 fans.

My sandal of choice is the Tan Leather Double Arch Wide Strap. It’s the basic sandal with a thicker bottom which provides more cushion and makes it feel like I’m walking on air. Wally and Hillman prefer the single layer as they both claim to have flat feet thus disqualifying them from the extra layer of goodness. I don’t really know much about the other products as everyone seems to stick to the basic model. Wy mess with perfection I guess.

A few disclaimers. The price for a pair seems to be rising (around $45) especially if you try to by them at a retail store. It also takes a few weeks to break in which may consist of potentially painful blisters that Little Guy compares to being stabbed in the foot with Shitaki knives. Sometimes if they get wet, the leather fades a bit turning your toes yellow. Wearing them in water is fine though and is even recommended as one way to help break them in.

Here is a the Rainbows sandals video on Youtube that has received the most views. Pretty fascinating huh.


If you don’t already have Rainbows, I hope this blog post turned you on to them. Leave a comment if you like or dislike rainbows. Also, let me know if you end getting a pair. Regardless, enjoy the summer.

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    I love my rainbows. My sister bought a pair of Rainbows and she swore by them. I believe they lasted her throughout college. My mother then bought a pair, she said they were awesome as well. I always made fun of them and called them gay, for the simple fact they where called “Rainbow’s.” I would always buy those cheapo flip flops that break in a damn week. The strap would always pull through on other flip flop’s. Old Navy flip flops are the worst. I HATE them. I bought a pair from Pacific Sun Wear, they where 20$ and broke within a month. I decided I was sick of it. While browsing through an outdoor outlet in Nashville, I bought a pair of black, thick strap, single layer rainbows.

    The first week or two is rough, but definitely worth it once they are worn in. Getting them wet definitely aids in the process of breaking them in. I wear them throughout the summer, on into the fall until my feet are about to freeze off, then again whenever it is tolerable. I even wear them fishing. If it’s raining, I wear them. People ask why I wear them in the rain, but it’s logical because if your feet become wet in the rain while wearing shoes, it is miserable. If you wear flip floppers, your feet will dry out quick! My feet do turn black on the bottom when they become wet, but I don’t care. I love these things. Mine have about a year left. I’m going to buy a tan pair for my wedding on the beach in November.

    I will never buy another brand of flip flops. These things will NOT break. I’ve worn these things on campus about everyday for two years, occasionally I will wear my converses. I walk about 3-5 miles a day from class to class. It’s amazing. My feet haven’t hurt a single day.

    How much better are the double layered ones than the single?

    And your flat footed friends, how do they do in the single layered rainbows? My fiance has terrible problems with her feet; she has an icepack on her foot right now right now. She has flat feet. She wears those “squishy” reef sandals, which I think is a problem. I’ve been trying to talk her into getting a pair of Rainbows, but she always says they wont be comfortable cause they are “hard and leathery.”