Tuesday, March 9th, 2010...1:53 am

Littyhoops Podcasts

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Lately, I’ve had an itch to start a podcast. The idea would be to record conversations with interesting people about interesting things and post them on this blog. I’m a sucker for a good conversation and I wish I would have more of them. Perhaps my motto of “small talk is for midgets” hinders the genesis of many unborn enlightening conversations. So let’s turn this into one big digital audio petri dish!

The goals of these podcasts…
1) Talk about things that will interest all of you
2) Talk about things that will interest me
3) Have good conversations
4) Experiment with a new digital medium
5) Get Big Sexy to do the “Yo Bro It’s Me Litty” intro

I don’t plan on having a regularly scheduled podcast, but rather do them when I have a really solid topic and person. I’ll probably keep it audio but might also sprinkle in a video chat here or there. It would be great to hear your suggestions on potential topics or people.

If you’ve ever heard me on the phone you already realize this is a dubious idea. I make Ben Stein sound animated (at least I’m not as nasal as the Sports Guy). When I answer the phone the voice on the other end of the line usually asks me if I’ve just woke up. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the day and I’ve just funneled a dozen Red Bulls. I just fake yawn and answer “yeah” as it’s easier than awkwardly trying to pretend like I care about the upcoming small talk…

I’ve already failed at starting a book club so flopping at a podcast can’t be all that hard. Besides, I helped invent podcasting. I know my little sis doesn’t believe me, but please do indulge me.

Back in 2005, I was just ignorant and clueless enough to think that leading up the company podcasting initiative would put me a step closer to corporate super-stardom. Despite the ridicule form the non-podcasting heretics, I devised a strategy, created a technical solution and process and even cut a deal with iTunes. I helped my partner in crime, Mr. Remer, to sell a podcasting sponsorship. At the time CSTV, was there third official sports podcasting channel. I actually began the conversations on a mega deal between CSTV and iTunes to distribute NCAA tournament games and highlights…but flew the coup and wandered Europe instead of seeing the deal through.

Anyway, welcome to the next phase of the Littyhoops media revolution. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

I’m dead serious. Please send me topics or people that interest you. My guess is I’ll start with March Madness but also have health care, LOST, interesting startups, nutrition, travel and NBA off-season on my radar.