Sunday, March 27th, 2011...10:19 pm

Israel Travel Advice

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This summer Family Litvack is taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We’re traveling to Israel for a week in mid-June. I’m excited. I haven’t been to Israel since 2006 and we’ve never been there together as a family. Since I first went to Israel on my Birthright trip I’ve sought to develop a more substantial relationship and understanding of the nation. So needless to say, I’m looking forward to this trip.

I’m writing this post to solicit travel advice and recommendations. Many of you have spent considerable time in Israel and are much more familiar than my family is with the country. My family has all been there at least once before so we’ve hit most of the major sites and landmarks. We have hired a tour guide but it would be great to hear from you about places to visit, people to meet, cool activities, great restaurants and unique experiences. I would love to hear in your own words what makes it such a special place and how we might be able to experience some of that.

Our basic plan is to spend a few nights in Tel Aviv (at the Hilton), go up North to the Golan Heights (staying near Tiberias at Nof Ginosar Hotel) and then head back to Jerusalem. This itinerary is flexible and still evolving as we continue to plan out the trip. I’m especially eager to try and find a real deal Kibbutz for us to spend a few days churning hummus.

Shoot me an email with at least three cool recommendations. I’ll compile all of the notes (anonymously) and then share with whoever is interested. Thanks in advance and look forward to your awesome tips.