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March Madness Thoughts & L-Hoops Pool

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2006 Tournament

This week of March Madness is far and away my favorite week of the year. First, Championship week leads up to selection sunday (today). The next few days are great for filling out your brackets and to build up tremendous anticipation. Thursday and Friday are my favorite two days of the year.

I’ll probably take most of the afternoon off on Thursday so hit me up if you want to watch the games at a bar in the city. Friday morning I’m flying out to Chicago to catch first round games (4 in one day!). I’m a little disappointed with the teams we are seeing. I saw Villanova, Kentucky and Wisconsin last year. It’s always good to see new teams and meet their fans and experience their wacky rituals. In past years I’ve had great fun hanging out with fans from Albany, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Southern Illinois, Creighton, the Pauldings (Missouri), Allen and Maloney (Penn), etc. The other teams in the Chicago region are UNLV, Georgia Tech, Corpus Christi, Kansas and the winner of the play-in game (hopefully Niagra). I’m happy to see Kansas as they have some legit ballers and have a good shot to win it all. No matter what, a few games always end up to be amazing. The Sports Guy does a great job describing the experience.

I’ve been running a march madness pool in some fashion since 6th grade. Hopefully, I’ll do it every year for the rest of my life.

To join my pool this year click on this link
The group password is — fireamaker

Payment can be made to my paypal account (

1 sheet = $20.91
2 sheet = $41.50
3 sheet (max)= $62.10

The extra charge for each sheet is due to paypal transaction fees. I’m not accepting any other kind of payment so find a friend who uses paypal if your not down with it. Please pay by Thursday afternoon.

Feel free to fwd this email on to friends. Email me at if you have any questions.

Back by popular demand: I’ll be running a player pool as well. I started this in San Diego to keep in touch with friends. I didn’t do it last year and I’ve been hearing about it. Basically, you pick 6 players and its the total score. Let me know if you want in.

P.S. Let me know your strategy for filling out the brackets. I fill out one bracket Sunday night immediately after I print it out. I go through it as fast as I can purely on my gut. I then spend the next few days analyzing the bracket, and use a few tricks I picked up to maximize my chances of winning in a large field. These are my two main sheets. Sometimes, I’ll fill out a few more but it usually gets out of hand and too much of a hassle worrying about different scenarios if I have more than two sheets.

My dad doesn’t fill out any sheets and even if he does he doesn’t follow them. I’m always a bit envious of this because he gets to enjoy the tournament more naturally, and picks who he is rooting for as the game goes on. As much as I love my brackets, I hate finding myself rooting for some team i hate just to keep alive my 1:1,000,0000 chance to come in third place and win $50.

P.P.S. Winthrop is going the Sweet 16. Maybe Final Four.

P.P.P.S. Bullshit that the Johnnies didn’t make the NIT. Now that the NCAA got their hands on the tournament they have ruined the magic and insignificance of it all. Let’s not forget that St. John’s is a six time NIT national champion (most ever) and without them the NIT would be a two bit bush league afterthought. Meanwhile, the Wolverines once again received an NIT bid and I seriously think that Dion Harris can break the record for most career points in NIT history.

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    Winthrop rocks.