Tuesday, March 13th, 2007...10:39 pm

Sportsvite Rocks

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This week I sent out an email to all of my contacts (over 300 people) touting Sportsvite.com. The other dudes in the office did the same. Our network of friends and teammates is pretty substantial. More importantly, they like sports and they like us. The number gets to be even more substantial if our friends forward on our email to all of their friends (which we asked them to do). All of a sudden Sportsvite will permeate within our own networks. Marketers in the online world call this viral growth and it more valuable than gold.

Entrepreneurs have to champion their own cause. Sportsvite is still an underdog to succeed. There aren’t many people hyping us right now so we have to hype ourselves. I think enthusiasm can also be viral. I tell my friends how great Sportsvite is every chance I get.

So here goes:

Sportsvite.com is a social network that connects people who play sports and makes it easier for them to manage their sports activities. Think of it as “myspace + evite” for sports. Right now Sportsvite does two things really well.

1) Find new people to play sports with in your neighborhood.
2) Helps your team manage its schedule, organize games and is a place to share results, conversations and team news

Sportsvite just ‘roided up its website and it now wants to flex its muscles. So please pass on to everyone you know who enjoys sports!

Hit me up if you want a free headband.

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