Wednesday, March 28th, 2007...11:58 pm


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I read recently that running back Dominick Williams was cut by the Houston Texans. You probably know Williams as Dominick Davis, his name before he was injured. He must have rehabbed really really well because he repaired his name in the process. Shortly after changing his name Williams/Davis told the Houston media, “That was Domanick Davis that y’all knew about. This is Domanick Williams that y’all looking at.” Apparently, the Texans weren’t that impressed as they release Williams shortly after.

Get ready for the fantasy perverts to throw out the lame draft joke when answering the inevitable question of “who the hell is this Domanick Williams guy”?

By the way, name changes fascinate me and I’m psyched it’s a movement that is gaining steam. Look for this to be a trend in the next decade and to all but eliminate the hyphen-ated last name in professional sports.