Wednesday, March 28th, 2007...11:54 pm

O.J. — Oh Snap

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There’s a new O.J. coming to LA and he’s one bad ass….

It feels like I have been hearing about high school basketball star O.J. Mayo since forever. As he finally approaches college it seems like he is a bad, bad apple. In January, he assaulted a referee after being ejected from a game. Then in March he was caught with his buddies toking reefer. But what really takes the cake is how Mayo ended his high school career in the Class AAA West Virginia State Basketball Championship. Up by thirty with two minutes left Mayo (who already had scored 41 and had a triple-double under his belt) threw the ball off the backboard from the free-throw line, caught it in midair, and dunked. He then threw the ball deep into the stands and held up three fingers. Check out this amazing video…

According to a recent NY Times article, Mayo committed to USC because his marketing people told him he needs to be in a “big market”. He didn’t go to UCLA because they have already won 11 championships and he wants to be the pioneer of a new era (like Jesus). Furthermore, he didn’t give out his cell phone number to USC coach Tim Floyd because O. J. doesn’t give out his cell. He calls you.

Last night, Mayo played in the McDonald’s high school All-American game. He shot 4-of-17, with one assist and clanked the potential game-winning shot at the buzzer. Throughout the game the crowd chanted “overrated” when Mayo touched the ball. Read about it.

Is this guy for real? Are they really going to let him play college basketball? Doesn’t anybody think this is a bad idea. Is he not the next Maurice Clarett? Remember how much they talked about Clarett in the media. Last we heard of Clarett, he was driving around the Midwest in a drunken stupor wearing a bullet proof vest and avoiding the Israeli mafia.

O.J. — It’s your America. Let’s see what you do with it.

I can’t wait!