Friday, June 1st, 2007...9:52 pm

Little LittyHoops Lives Forever

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I got a good chuckle watching this video of myself. My big sister and I spent countless hours keeping ourselves occupied with this new toy (camcorder). I’m glad we did because these kinds of clips are precious. We usually played some variation of the interview show and it was always about sports. My guess is that this video clip is from 1988. Back then camcorders loaded full VHS tapes and they had to be plugged in and balanaced on the tripod if you wanted to use it for more than a few minutes.

A few years ago my Mom took the family VHS home videos and converted them to DVD’s (sidenote: this would be a great mini business). My little sister was watching the videos the other day and decided to burn this clip and upload it on facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t let you grab the embed code so I asked my sister if she could upload it to YouTube so I can post it on the blog. If you ask me, it seems like the Litty’s are quite the digital family.

I’m a bit envious of future generations. They are going to be able to vividly watch history through video, photos and archived news. They can see their parents in their youth, watch extensive highlights of Jordan or Martin Luther King, and have a multimedia reference for just about everything. Wouldn’t it be cool if we got to see more clips of Babe Ruth. Personally, I would love to have seen my late grandfather’s youthful face.

As for this clip my younger sister titled it “Nothing’s Changed”. It contains heavy doses of booger eating and sports discussion. I’m acting like an idiot, which is how I still around my sisters (doesn’t every brother?). Lisa’s yapping away but I’m in my own world. I got the wavy curls/jewfro. Courtney has one thing wrong though. When the hell was I ever that skinny?