Thursday, June 7th, 2007...10:46 am

An Ode To King James

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Written and sent out by my boy Brett today who lays it down better than i can. Here’s hoping Lebron continues his journey and allows us all to witness it.

I don’t know about you guys but I am pumped for Bron Bron in the finals.

I clearly remember sitting in the United Center Junior year of college with litty, matt, howard, lisa, and colby and reading the sports illustrated with LeBron on the cover, which was ultimately the beginning of the hype machine that is the King. I also recall watching a St. Vincents-St Marys game in Littys dungeon senior year, circa the white hummer days, and marveling at how good this kid was. I remember the first time I saw LeBron live with Matt at the Garden and he was quietly a rebound short of a triple double…I remember going with Kosh this year to see the King and watching him get hacked so hard you couldnt hear a pin drop throughout the Garden but shake it off to the applause of the Mecca (only the greats get this treatment in NYC)…I remember sitting on the phone with Troy the other night during the 48 point game and watching a performance for the ages.

So yeah I am pumped for this series, win or lose, either way it will be scary…if he wins he saves the League and could instantly begin a Jordanesque (that word should be in the dictionary as an adjective) run for an absurd amount of titles… if he loses forget it because LeBron only having a taste and not getting a full meal would be a nightmare for the rest of the league. LeBron is a genetic freak, the prototype of a basketball player, the 1 in a million athlete actually worthy of the hype, the comparisons, the pressure and the expectations. Tonight he’ll step on the biggest stage in basketball, at 22 years old, and all eyes will be on him….i know im watching. Long live THE KING.