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I spend anywhere from 30 minute to over an hour reading various blogs each night. I subscribe to all my blog feeds (over 50 in all) through Google Reader. This allows me to only have to go to one website to get all of my information. Put all my blogs together and it feels like I have created my own personal newspaper based on my profession, interests and hobbies.

I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you and would love to hear about the blogs that you read.

Tech/Business Blogs
Many of the blogs I read tie directly into my job within the digital media industry. I rely on blogs to stay up to date with new trends, follow the buzz and try and figure out what’s going to be the next big thing in media and the internet. My favorite business blogs include Paid Content, Tech Crunch, Fred Wilson VC blog, Mashable! And Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick.

Sports Blogs

M Go Blog
This Michigan sports blog is written by a 2001 Computer Engineering grad that started the Every Three Weekly when he was a student. It is insanely comprehensive especially when it comes to Football recruiting. The author throws in enough wit to keep you on your toes but sometimes things get confusing as he seems to write in his own language. For example, “tacopants” was Jason Avant’s eleven-foot tall imaginary friend. Chad Henne spent much of 2005 hitting him between the numbers, which are unfortunately eight feet off the ground and made of dreams. Tacopants has taken a lesser role in the offense as Henne matures but still pops up at inopportune times. He also has a hilarious t-shirt store with such phrases as “Zoltan for Heisman”.

This blog is the next great thing in sports journalism after the Sports Guy. It labels itself as sports news without access, favor or discretion. It’s part of the Gawker network of blogs and therefore does a good job being sarcastic, humorous and great at bashing folks. It’s also amazing how many times a day they post articles. Here is an amazing example of what you might find on Deadspin on any given day.

Yankee Blogs
I’m looking for a good Yankee blog to read regularly to get the inside scoop on things like Edwar Ramirez and his lethal change up dubbed “el cambio”. There seems to be a ton of them and I’ve been browsing Pinstripe Alley, Yanks Fan Sox Fan and River Ave Blues The Yankees blog with the best name is No Maas and Scott Proctor’s Arm (which I wish he would also light on fire).

NYC Blogs
I also like to read New York City blogs because it’s way too easy to miss out on all the cool things going on in the big apple. I’ve been reading Gothamist but I’m starting to think it’s too much news and not enough information about events and things to do. Eater is a great food blog but i don’t have enough money or style to keep up with it. My Open Bar helps you find ways to be a drunk on the cheap. I’m still looking for a good blog that just gives me a bunch of events each day that might be interesting to attend.

Everything Else

  • I don’t read any of the gossip blogs. I hear Perez Hilton is pretty addicting but I really have no patience for that crap.
  • Seeking Alpha is the best finance blog that I have found so far
  • The only friend I have that regularly blogs is the dance champion himself Seth Gaffney with his blog El Gaffney.
  • I love reading the personal blog of Charlie O’Donnell. I met Charlie as I was networking my way through the business world last summer and I try my best to stay in touch with him. It’s pretty easy to do that just by reading his blog.
  • I would love to add solid blogs in the categories of travel, 2008 presidential race, Israel, St. John’s basketball, books and movies.
  • I have a few other blogs that are on the back burner as I focus on this one. Still, check out Littybooks and Digital Epiphanies.

    • Linda

      Nice blog list;) How do you find the blogs?I searched alot on the google for blog lists, blog ranking, etc, and I didn’t find to many blogs.

    • Ben K.

      If you’re looking for an NYC blog with a lot of stuff to do, check out whatsupnyc. It’s a daily listing of events in the city. It’s a good start at least.

    • Lisa is a great site that gives you things to do in NYC for free.