Monday, December 3rd, 2007...12:35 am

A weekend full of sports

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Great weekend for me to be a perverted sports fan

1) It was freezing cold outside
2) I just got a flat screen HD TV for my apartment
3) There was all kinds of juicy sports stories to occupy my little brain

Here is a quick rundown of some of my thoughts.

Les Miles
No Les. I woke up Saturday morning to ESPN reporting that Les Miles accepted an offer to take the coaching job at Michigan. Halleluiah. About an hour later ESPN retracted the story and an hour after that Les Miles held a hasty and agitated press conference where he affirmed his commitment to coach LSU football. A bunch of my friends tried all weekend to read between the lines and search for alternate meaning in his words and miraculously hope that Miles was still coming to Ann Arbor. I thought that was ridiculous. Just because Nick Saban is an egotistical asshole who flip-flopped doesn’t mean that’s the norm or is morally correct. It seems like a done deal that Miles is staying at LSU and at this point it would raise some serious questions if he somehow back-tracked his way into the Michigan job. My gut tells me that Miles was undecided and even leaning towards Michigan and when ESPN broke the story he didn’t like how it would be portrayed if he left his great job at LSU. Combine that with the intense pressure he must have been getting in Baton Rogue to stay, the dollars they were throwing at him, and the typical Michigan “our shit doesn’t stink” attitude and he decided in real time that he was going to stay at LSU. So I blame it on Herbstreit. No, I don’t think he did this to screw Michigan because he just screwed his career as his word is now worth less than that weak ass throwing arm that couldn’t even get him a gig in the arena league and is only useful for wiping Tressell’s ass.

Basically the BCS has played out exactly how I wanted it to. Every team lost. There is only one undefeated team in the nation (Hawaii) and one one-loss team (Kansas) and neither of them have played anybody all year. Basically, there are 8 (Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, USC, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Kansas, Hawaii) legitimate teams that have a gripe that they should play for the Championship. It’s college football Armageddon and exposes the BCS for the sham of a system that it really is. I somehow expected the whole college football world would comb crumbling down and all the programs would walk out of the NCAA like a quirky Hollywood writer.

I had a great sports argument on Saturday night where I was pretty convinced it would be Ohio State vs. LSU. The truth is that the only rankings that matter are at the end of the season and this weekend was probably the first time where many voters really devoted time to their weekly ballot. Makes sense that they would pick LSU as it seems to be the overall consensus that they are the best team.

Unbelievable that Ohio State is going to play for the Championship. I hope they get torn apart like last year. Get a mini Buffalo Bills thing going on.

Eli Manning
Thank god for Eli that the Giants won this weekend. I thought the Dolphins game in London was ugly but this game was disgusting. Eli will never do well in NY. He pouts. Nobody wants to root for a pouter. Even if he did find a more accurate arm and a brain that allows him to make good decisions he would still be a pouter.

Fantasy Playoffs
I’m very close to winning in the first round of fantasy football in the quest for the Moephy Cup. I share the team with a buddy from CSTV and our first two seasons together were horrendous. We snuck into the playoffs on a tie-breaker and had a great week behind Justin Fargas, Jamal Lewis and a great tight end pick up in Mercedes Lewis. Santana Moss is so worthless.

The Johnnies
St. John’s had their first real test of the season playing at Miami after four cupcake wins. They stuck with the Canes for a half but then fell apart in the second half and lost big, 66-47. The Johnnies do have some young talent and haven’t been playing with Mase Jr. so I’m still optimistic. If the Johnnies would have won this weekend, you would have seen the most over the top blog post announcing the return of New York City finest basketball franchise. Might just have to wait a game, month or decade before I can write that one though.

Johan Santana
I don’t want to give up Hughes and Melky. I think Santana is fragile and only likes to pitch seven. I want the Yanks to keep their three young guns and hope that Pettite comes back for at least one more year. If Santana will end up with the Sox though, then the Yanks might be forced into pulling the trigger on a deal.

Lastings Milledge
I hope he has a sick season next year, puts up big numbers and runs his mouth about the Mets. This guy went from being a can’t miss whiz kid prospect to being shipped off for a 4th outfielder and a catcher with not much pop. Basically need him to be the next Kevin Mitchell. Combine that with the whole Kazmir nightmare and you can keep mets fans mouths shut. They also might trade prospects for Bedard who can turn into the next Victor Zambrano.

  • Jason


    As a participant in that “great sports argument” on Saturday night, it hurts that you brought up my Bills like that…where’s the love? Can’t wait for Flynn and Green to run all over the Johnnies…

    ESPN reporting this morning that Pettite will be back…but as Saturday morning illustrated, what exactly does that mean?