Monday, January 21st, 2008...11:23 pm

Big Blue

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I have to post something about the Giants after their awesome win yesterday — in Green Bay to win the NFC Championship.

I haven’t enjoyed an NFL football game this much in awhile. Eli, Plax, and the Giants D played like heroes. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire fourth quarter and started to get the nervous sports stomach ache that prohibits me from cheering. It seems like there were 10 different plays that decided the game. I was sure Tynes was going to miss his third field goal, but he nailed it.

I admit that I used to like to rip on Eli and the Giants. About six weeks ago I labeled him as an incurable pouter on this very blog. Now I realize Eli is calm, collected and most of all unflappable. As a mopey man myself, I feel Eli’s frustration with how the world misconstrues our emotions. Thank you Eli.

The underdog Giants are going to the Big Game to face the big, bad cheaters. Flash back to the last week of the season. I was watching the Giants play the Pats and I had a debate with my buddy who said that game was the Giants Super Bowl because they were going nowhere in the playoffs and knocking off the Pats perfect season would be their biggest accomplishment. I argued it was a meaningless game for them and meant nothing but did agree that they were going nowhere. It’s now safe to say that this will be their (and everybody elses) Super Bowl!

My biggest concern immediately after the Giants won the game was that if my Dad was able to watch it. He is in Israel with my Mom and the game started at 2am local time. Before they left we had even tried setting up Courtney’s sling box to ensure that he could watch the game but they ended up not taking a laptop. I didn’t want to call in case he was unable to watch and they were sleeping.

About 20 minutes after the game ended I received <this great voicemail (listen below) from my Pops. You can tell he listens to WFAN way too much because his message sounded like a Sweeny Murti update.

I’m pumped for the Super Bowl and for once I’m even looking forward to the media frenzy! Best of all, I’ll get to watch the Superbowl with my Dad just like I did in 1986 and 1990!