Sunday, March 16th, 2008...11:13 pm

It’s Tourney Time

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If you have yet to figure it out I’m a bit of a college hoops fan. Therefore this week is usually one of my favorites each year. Here is a blog post from last year about my anticipation for the tournament. I also put together this one shining moment tribute that should give any true college basketball fan goosebumps.

I’m heading down to Tampa with my family and Big Mitch to catch opening round action this year. Last year we were snowed out and never made it to Chicago so I’m super pumped to get the tradition back on track. We’re also catching a Yankee spring training game at Legends field and perhaps a round of golf so this is quite the Litty family excursion.

The four games in one day thing is something all sports fans should be lucky enough to experience. I’m not that well versed on the basketball teams at Siena, Drake, San Diego or Western Kentucky but I guarantee I’ll be pouring my heart out rooting for one of those teams at some point on Friday.

As usual, I’m running a tournament pool. I’ve been doing this in some fashion since the 4th grade and hope to be doing it when my youngest grandchild is in 4th grade.

If you would like to join check it out on sportsline —

The password is redmen.

You can read the rules if you are interested in participating.

Two years ago the Mank won the booty of gold and last year a younger girl who was still in school at Michigan won. It’s almost as if my friends and I are getting suckered in our own pool. Some years I fare well and some years my bracket blows up in the first round. I’ve come to realize there’s a good deal of luck involved in picking a great bracket. So instead of studying rosters, box scores and league standings I now just stare at the bracket and pray to the good lord asking for his generosity in letting me go 32 for 32 in the first round.

If you do believe there is skill involved then you can check this article I wrote a few years back while working at CSTV on how you an optimize your chance for success.

Good luck.