Thursday, September 25th, 2008...10:55 pm

The Knick Bailout! (Friend Post)

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I have the distinct honor of being part of a New York Knicks off-season email listserv. Yup, it’s as pathetic as it sounds. What kind of intelligent analysis can be applied to the Knicks signing a crippled Allan Houston or Steph telling the world that he’s going to get all his money (21.9 million)? I’m not sure how I got on the listserv and the quality of an average email is on par with SPAM touting penile pumps and THC pills. As I stated in a previous blog post, I’ve pretty much given up on the Knicks. It baffles me that some of the folks on the email chain actually still care/root/believe in the Knicks. Then I realize those people have no idea what they are talking about and know nothing about sports.

Today, my buddy da Bwetty, who does know something about sports, and often has a refreshingly unique angle on the world of sports (check out his take on Lebron and Rick Ankiel comeback), wrote this gem of a paragraph. Short but sweet. Almost made being on the listserv all summer worth it.

I was just thinking in light of the Fed bailout of financial institutions…would it be possible for the city/NBA to formulate a bailout plan for the Knicks…essentially remove their bad assets, ie. randolph, james, rose, curry, marbury and replace them with fresh cap space for Walsh to operate the franchise…The city/nba could hold these players till the market for these players turns around…the entire situation seems analogous to the credit crisis as the failure of the knick organization could create a “systemic risk” for the entire league.