Sunday, May 3rd, 2009...9:02 pm

My Apartment: To Stay Or Not To Stay?

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My apartment lease is up on at the end of this month. I was supposed to tell my landlord if I planned to stay a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what I want to do, and haven’t had the time or energy to look around, so instead I’ve stalled longer than Steve Traschsel in a bases loaded jam. I first tried to negotiate a rent reduction and then to reduce the length of my lease but apparently my landlord hasn’t got the memo that we now live in a socialist economy.

Here’s the deal. I live on the Upper East Side in a studio. I’m on the ground floor of a walk up building. This works out great because I’m too lazy to walk up stairs, I’m terrified by doormen, and more importantly I have an awesome outdoor deck that is an amazingly peaceful place to hang out and bbq when the weather is decent. My few gripes is that the studio is small, the neighborhood convenient but uninspiring and I’m void of a dishwasher, climate control and real windows. Yes, there are also huge sewer rats in the backyard beyond the deck but these creatures have yet to attack and it seems like we’ve reluctantly agreed to coexist (I would kill them all in a second if I could) on the island kind of like the Dharma Initiative and the hostiles.

Since I’m too lazy to look around, I figure I’ll write exactly what I’m looking for and one of the millions of YBIML readers will reply with a hot tip or some amazing hook up.

First, let me get it off my chest that I’d really just like to take my awesome house that I lived in San Diego and plop it down in Central Park and be done with it. But since that’s not happening here goes. I’d like to find a one bedroom (or a big studio) in an interesting neighborhood. My definition of interesting is someplace that I can go for a walk and appreciate the fact that I live in the best city in the world. I would happily migrate downtown and would dig the east village, union square, nolita or even gramcery park. As I said, I’m not a big doorman guy and would rather find an apartment that is unique or different than the standard cookie cutter square closet. I’m a big, big fan of outdoor space. I find that natural sunlight is also therapeutic for the Littyhoops soul.

Hit me up if you have anything good for me.