Tuesday, November 10th, 2009...12:18 am

Help Plan My Costa Rica Trip

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I’m planning a trip with a few friends to Costa Rica over Christmas break. So far we haven’t done much planning. Besides booking a flight, everything else is pretty much yet to be determined.

This lack of a precise itinerary is partially by design. For those of you who have followed some of my travel blogs in the past you have probably figured out that I like to have some understanding of where I’m going but not make too many arrangements or else it takes away from the adventure. Right now, we’re leaning towards heading to the Tamarindo area, renting a car there (Don’t worry – Beyda will be the driver), and checking out the beaches along the Nicoya and the Pacific Coast. But it seems like there is so much to do and so many cool places to go. It’s no wonder the country has blown up as a travel destination. I would love to uncover some of the hidden gems that aren’t in the travel books. For example, Weino told me about his friends who went giant shrimp catching from midnight to sunrise. I’m probably going to skip out on the Volcano, cloud forests and national parks as the pull of the beaches are too appealing.

If you have the scoop on places to go, beaches to see, hotels, restaurants, giant shrimps, activities, etc. I’d love to hear about it. The more random the better. Keeping to my digital geekdom, I’ve set up a Costa Rica Wiki to pull together all the information that we collect from friends and experts. So please share on the Wiki, leave a comment or hit me up directly if you got the dopeness.

P.S. – Doesn’t it seem like all the travel websites on the internet blow. What’s up with that? Who’s going to build the bomb travel socail media website? And don’t tell me to check Trip Advisor!

  • http://blog.botfu.com Kevin Marshall

    Sweet! No suggestions on place or events, but make sure you drink a few for me too ;-)

    BTW – I agree about travel sites online…it’s not really social, but http://jetsetter.com is probably one of the more interesting ones to come out lately (and I guess http://hunch.com can sort of be interesting for travel as well).