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Listen my children and you shall here of the scoring spree of the Jimmer Fredette. BYU’s senior point guard leads the nation in scoring with over 27 points per game. He’s topped 40 in three of his last four games highlighted by an electric 43 point performance as BYU knocked off previously undefeated #4 ranked San Diego State, 71-58. It was an impressive enough performance for his name to be a trending topic on twitter with shout outs from Nelly, John Wall, Scott Van Pelt and Jared Sullinger. Kevin Durant, hours after scoring a career best 47 points, tweeted that “Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!”.



Jimmer might not be the fastest cougar in the missionary, but I’ll borrow a phrase from my pal Jack K. when I say he can light it up like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you can see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

Fredette is crafty with the ball and is a threat to pull up and shoot from just about anywhere in the galaxy. He has more range then a Shania Twain vocal. His eclectic array of long range bombs, scoop shots, fade-aways and circuitous dribbling is reminiscent of the collegiate dominance Stephen Curry, Wally Szczerbiak or, dare I say, a caucasian Marcus Hatten.

Fredette doesn’t exactly look, talk or act like the best player in college basketball. He’s more like a dark-haired Toby McGuire from Pleasantville. But don’t let the small town boy act fool you. Before he was scoring at will in the college ranks, the scrappy working-class kid not from Scranton (Glen Falls instead) was honing his game at your favorite upstate New York correctional facilities. Jimmer’s older brother TJ thought it wise for him to play pick-up ball with the inmates. In his first game he locked down the penitentiary by scoring over 40 points despite being heckled by felons. In fact, Jimmer never lost playing prison ball and won some smokes for the convicts smart enough to bet on him.

If you’re still not sold, realize that Jimmer was able to do something that even the great Littyhoops failed to accomplish by putting CBS College Sports on the map! The victory over SDSU was probably the most buzzed about game to ever air on the network formerly known as CSTV and sometimes referred to as the ghetto Versus.

BYU is ranked #9 in the nation with a gaudy record of 20-1 so Fredette should be fun to watch as the Madness soon sweeps over us all. Last year, he scored 37 to lead BYU to a first round double-overtime NCAA tournament victory over Florida. You can catch Jimmer on Versus this Saturday at New Mexico or on February 5th against a solid UNLV squad.

Who knows if Fredette can hack it in the NBA (projected as a late first round pick) or if we’ll all forget about him in a few years like we did with our compadre Serge Zwikker (google the dude and see what comes up on the results). What I do know is that if Fredette keeps scoring like Single Troy he will surely be flirting dangerously close with getting his mug cropped right into the Littyhoops masthead. Now wouldn’t that be something…