Monday, August 8th, 2011...11:10 pm

Awesome Website Bro: Spotify Is Killing It

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In my little social sphere Spotify has been killing it for quite some time. Hopefully, the rest of you ignorant Gringos have stopped listening to Grooveshark by now and have jumped aboard the Spotify soul train. It sure is moving fast as Spotify has reportedly amassed 1.4 million users in less than one month.

he skinny: Spotify is an application that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. It allows you to easily and instantly access and stream almost any song or album on demand for free. The money feature is that you can share your music with your friends (Facebook connections) as well as view and play their playlists. If you upgrade to the premium service (I have for $10/month) it allows unlimited access, no ads and offline and mobile access for Android and iPhones.

I’ve been using Spotify for a few months and it’s drastically changed my music habits.

  • I no longer use my iPod. I either use Spotify on my laptop or my Android phone.
  • I’m eager to tryout new music. As soon as I hear about a new band I’ll find them on Spotify. I’ll also fish through my friends playlist (Props to Rosen whose been my #1 music discovery engine for years). Today my ears experienced new music by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Cool Kids and Mango Kisses by the great Oren Masserman.
  • I no longer see value in owning music or in iTunes. The offline functionality for Spotify is magical. Still not sure exactly how it works but it does so beautifully.

As I’m putting together this blog post I’ve learned even more cool stuff (btw, it’s kind of confusing to figure all this stuff out). Spotify offers a simple way to import music files from your computer which allows you to keep all of your music in one place as well as sync to a mobile device. I also found a bunch of web applications, plug-ins, blogs, news sites, playlist sites, bang etc. that make Spotify even more fun.

You might be wondering how such an awesome new music service came about. It almost didn’t as the music labels were slow to sign agreements. But ultimately this is the future of music (check out VC Fred Wilson’s blog post on music business) and the music industry has learned/beaten into submission that it can’t fight its destiny.

Let me know if you need an invitation to join Spotify or a really, really good pitch why it’s mint condition. I think I know just the guy that can help you out!